Your hosts, Siobhan & Donncha first met behind the counter of one of North Clare's busy bars! Tired of late nights, a conversation was brewing at the breakfast table way back in 2014. Castledarcy or The Lodge as we always knew it, had hosted many a holiday maker going back the generations of Callinans & O'Dwyers. Though now in ruin, "There has to be a living there for ye" remarked my Dad, Tom Clair. Many ideas were exchanged about what could be done with the old site but none seemed feasible. Suddenly a knock came to the door and another cup of tea was poured. Life-long friend and neighbour, Brid Conlon had joined the conversation. "What about Glamping" she suggested. The penny dropped!

Fast-forward 5 years of planning and financing, work began on site in January 2019. "Miracoulous" Pat Clair, "Revved-Up" Denny Clair, Mikey "Dig" Flanagan and Paul "The Kid" O'Gorman started work on what would become Castledarcy Glamping. After floods and flus, síbíns and púicíns, in July 2021 we welcomed our first guests and the rest as they say is history!!

Pack your bags and come join us at Castledarcy Glamping. 

Nighttime at Castledarcy Glamping